Putting together a successful digital proximity marketing campaign requires careful planning and execution. From initial audience targeting to sorting through mountains of data to assess campaign results, the success or failure of a campaign is predicated by many factors, which some are often overlooked.

Many marketers today spend a majority of their time strategizing how their web, mobile and social campaigns will do “in-flight” that they often neglect to lay down the groundwork to ensure that a campaign even has the wings to fly. Likewise, in-flight and post-campaign insights and measurement data are just as crucial so you can redirect efforts and optimize ad dollars, as well as examine campaign performance to ensure that future campaigns can be just as, or even more successful.

In order to help marketers gain some knowledge about these crucial factors, ShopAdvisor, Mobee and NinthDecimal have teamed up for a webinar to discuss the three phases of campaign, ways to integrate multiple solutions and platforms into your campaigns, examples of how to plan, execute, and measure results so that you can be better prepared for future campaigns, and some best practices for tackling variables and criteria before a campaign takes off.

Here is a sneak peek at what each of us will cover during the pre-campaign stage of a campaign:

ShopAdvisor, a leader in proximity marketing driven through product availability intelligence enables brands, retailers and agencies to determine where their products are at the onset of a campaign through a database of over 200,000 brick-and-mortar stores. So, why is that important?Through millions of UPC’s, ShopAdvisor is able to determine the exact location and inventory of the product you want to promote so that you can allocate your ad dollars and send shopper’s only to the stores that have your product in-stock.





Mobee uses crowdsourcing to collect, organize and analyze in-store data at scale. Mobee quickly and easily deploys custom “Mobee Missions” to collect thousands of offline data points and photos via its mobile app, and delivers analytics and insights in real-time. With this ability to deliver casual in-store offline data, they can offer the physical in-store experience projectitory before the campaign gets ready for takeoff. Elements like the time it takes to intercept, grab & go timing, end cap display measurement and assisted sale experience are all examples of major data points to put towards any marketing campaign’s pre-planning efforts.

NinthDecimal is the marketing platform powered by location data. It harnesses this data to build a precise understanding of consumers’ physical world behavior, activating this intelligence through audience targeting, measurement, insights and data licensing solutions. By filling the gap in understanding how consumers spend the majority of their time, NinthDecimal provides marketers a comprehensive new model of the customer journey for impactful engagement. Not sure what kind of message you want to use to target your shoppers? NinthDecimal can help through their historical and contextual location data from mobile devices to help you understand where consumers go in the world, and help marketers target these location-based audiences and reach them with the right message.

Interested in learning more about how the right data can make your digital proximity marketing campaigns soar? Join us for our webinar on Tuesday, February, 28th at 1pm. You can register by clicking here!

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